zaterdag 2 juni 2007

Understanding Pot Limit

Pot limit is an intermediary bet between no limit and limit. The bets and raises cannot exceed the size of the pot (the pot limit). This variety is supposed to limit pot size, but often the results are the same as in a game of no limit, which is to say that players bet their total stack in one round.

A pot or pot limit raise corresponds to the amount of:
1. The pot in question.
2. The total bets on the table.
3. The total that the player must see before raising.

Example of a raise in Pot Limit at a $1/$2 table: The flop has been dealt. There are three players in the hand.
The pot is $10. Player 1 bets $4, player 2 sees the bet. How much can player 3 raise?
Taking the aforementioned rule into account, we have:
1. $10 in the pot
2. $8 in bets on the table
3. $4 that the player must see

Player 3 can therefore raise $22.

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